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Gear.Club is a 3D racing game that puts you behind the wheel of different cars, many of them real models like the Mercedes AMG C63S and AMG GTS, the Ford Mustang, or the Lotus Elise 220 Cup.

The game offers three different control systems that adapt to the demands and needs of each player. Plus as soon as you complete a few races you can also calibrate your steering and braking boosters to suit your needs. Careful, though, as leaning too much on your boosters can make the game too easy to be any fun.

Between races you can upgrade your garage. Not only can you buy vehicles and tune up the ones you've already got there, you can also buy expansions for your garage. After a few rounds you can create a proper 'performance shop' where you kit out all your cars.

Another cool thing about Gear Club is that you can compete either against the AI in one-player races or against your friends online. In the online races you have to try to get the best time so your friends can try to beat it.

Gear.Club is a brilliant racing game in all respects: awesome graphics, lots of control options, and in general a system that runs great on Android.
By Nelson
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To download the OBB file for Gear.Club you have to have the game linked to your Google Play account.


Requires Android 4.3 or higher.